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Our Services

Real Property Tax

Value Analysis—Our staff will review each assessment on an annual basis. We will use the three basic approaches to value to analyze your property tax value. Our staff will also prepare comparable assessment analysis to make sure that your property is being valued fairly.don barnhill associates property tax consultants

Assessment Practice—Our staff is familiar with the assessors and assessment practice in the jurisdictions in which we work.

Property Tax Appeals and Negotiations—Proper presentation of the facts is the key to a successful appeal. With many years of experience we know how to effectively present the facts in your case. When available, we will present our facts in an informal setting with the assessing officials and most of our success comes at this level.

Lease Compliance Review

Lease Analysis—Our staff will review tax and operating cost provisions in each lease and operating agreement for each location and will determine if the current calculations from landlord are in compliance with the provisions of the relevant lease clause. In cases regarding tax reimbursements we will review the assessors record to assure that the landlord has included only the proper tax parcels.

Recommendations—Our staff will recommend the proper actions and if so directed by client will pursue equitable allocation of the reasonable cost associated with the occupancy.

Personal Property

Calendar Management—Don Barnhill Associates, LLC uses the latest property tax software with property tax calendar functions to eliminate late filing fees.

Varying State Requirements—States have different filing requirements. Our staff is fully aware of the requirements in each state.

Analysis of Client Information—Asset classification for property tax purposes can be different than the classification used for Book Value or for Income Tax. Our staff will analyze your asset list and determine the appropriate property tax classification. We will also analyze your asset listing to determine if Ghost Assets could be a problem.

File Returns—Our staff will prepare all personal property tax returns and timely file with the proper authorities.

don barnhill associates property tax consultants

Audits and Appeals - Our staff will work with taxing jurisdictions to resolve audits and appeals and work to get the best results possible, whether Don Barnhill Associates, LLC prepared the personal property tax return or not.

Process Valuation Notices and Tax Bills —After filing the returns, our staff will follow-up on the subsequent correspondence received from the assessing and taxing jurisdictions. Our staff can proactively secure property tax statements in a timely manner. We will audit the tax bills for accuracy. We will transmit vouchers with proper GL accounts to your accounting and expense payable personnel for timely payment.