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Our Philosophy

In these challenging economic times, the difference between success and failure becomes even more critical. The best companies utilize every resource available to maximize revenue, or in a weak economy, minimize cost. These challenges are even more evident in the current unprecedented real estate market. Values are down without exception. Experts are unclear when the bottom will be found. The specter of massive refinancing looms over the commercial market

One of the largest components of operating cost associated with real estate holdings is that of property taxes.

As municipalities and other taxing jurisdictions wrestle with their own funding shortfalls, the potential for increases in real estate taxes grows, even with downward pressure on values. Many government entities resort to increases in tax rates to make up the shortfalls.

With regards to personal property, assessing entities have also stepped up efforts to audit existing taxpayers to maximize personal property don barnhill associates property tax consultantsassessments and revenue. Proper reporting, classification and valuation of fixed assets can have a meaningful effect on property taxes paid on furniture and equipment.

Don Barnhill Associates is your advocate in minimizing your property tax burden. For years, some of the most prestigious full-line retailers in the country have seen their taxes reduced by Don Barnhill Associates.

Find out why they have chosen Don Barnhill Associates for their real and personal property tax consultant.